Check out 4 projects to improve Kocurek’s campus that you probably never knew about

Kocurek yard work

The Kocurek PTA is always working behind the scenes to improve our school campus. In the past, we’ve painted teachers’ classrooms, installed backpack hooks for all the grade levels, and so much more.

Here are four things we’re doing at the moment that you might not know about.

  1. We’re getting a quote to install artificial turf in the playground on Aftonshire, which will fix an issue that our students encounter when playing. In wet weather, the playground gets so muddy that kids can’t go out and play, and in the dry Texas summer, it gets too dusty.
  2. We have requested maintenance help from Austin Independent School District to clean out the school’s gutters and do some tree trimming. (Other yard work we’re doing for ourselves at our upcoming Spring Cleanup).
  3. We have ordered a shipping container to utilize as a storage facility for the PTA’s gear and supplies that we reuse each year for fundraisers such as the upcoming Glow Dance, and our blockbuster Halloween bash, Monster Mash. We’re going to paint a mural on the shipping container once it arrives!
  4. Speaking of painting, we’re planning to do a mural in the pre-k classroom area, and we are looking for volunteers to help paint. Our goal is to complete the project this school year, as a nice “Welcome” message to the new students coming to Kocurek who were previously zoned to Baranoff Elementary School.
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