PTA meeting


As Kocurek parents, we want our kids to be successful. By joining the PTA, you can show your children school matters and that you are invested in their experience. It has been proven kids learn better when parents, teachers and community work together. Kocurek PTA hopes to bring these groups together to share ideas on how to create programs and activities that benefit our student body.

Some parents of Kocurek Koalas may not realize it, but the Kocurek Elementary PTA does a lot more than throw awesome parties and fun fundraisers.

Here are some of the things we do to support our teachers, enhance our students’ education, make Kocurek’s campus the best that it can be, and strengthen our community’s bonds between parents, teachers and students.

Lifting up students

  • We provide funding for a 4th grade summer writing camp
  • Our fundraisers help pay for grade-level requests such as field trips and other programs
  • The food, decor and helpers you see at 5th grade graduation–That’s us
  • We provide the snacks and drinks at Field Day for all students
  • We give scholarships to Kocurek Alumni graduating from AISD high schools
  • We organize the Reading Rocket program for Kindergarten and 1st grade

Supporting teachers

  • Each month, we provide birthday snacks to all staff members
  • When teachers are at school for in-service days, we provide them with lunch
  • On holidays and during Teacher Appreciation Week, we decorate the teacher’s lounge and provide food and help
  • When teachers need help making copies or laminating, we’re there
  • We help pay for special off-campus teacher training

Campus improvements

  • We painted the teachers bathrooms and provided upgraded soaps and lotions 
  • We advocated to get covers for the playgrounds from AISD
  • We advocated to get picnic tables in the courtyard from AISD
  • We received the “Bright Green Future Grant” to create an outdoor classroom in the courtyard
  • We installed backpack hooks for all grades
  • We provide additional safety gear at cross walks
  • Our campuswide beautification committee does monthly clean-ups and landscaping at Kocurek

Activities and fundraisers

  • We host community events like Monster Mash, Glow Dance, Block Party, Dia de los Muertos, and the Spring Tea Party Fundraiser
  • We also throw student events like Movie Nights, Holiday Kids Night Out, Penny Wars and Lolli-Grams, Pastries with Parents
  • We allow parents to wish their child “Happy Birthday” on the Kocurek Marquee

Please join us today and lend your support to these important activities! We’re a completely volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit, and we need you to meet our mission.